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Speed-Rail® fittings are designed for use with readily available sizes of tube to the relevant Australian Standards. It is conventional to refer to aluminium tubing by the O.D. (outside diameter) and galvanised mild steel tubing by the nominal bore. It is preferable to refer to the O.D. of the tube, as this relates to the I.D. (inside diameter) of the fitting.

Speed-Rail® fittings are available in a range of sizes, coded 5 to 9, and the following table illustrates the different sizes and descriptions:

Aluminium or steel tubing

Pipe Size Code Tube OD (mm) Tube Wall Thickness (mm) Nominal Bore (mm) Nominal Bore (inches)
5 26.90 2.64 20 3/4
6 33.70 3.25 25 1
7 42.40 3.25 32 1.1/4
8 48.30 3.63 40 1.1/2
9 60.30 3.63 50 2

Pipe Size Drawing
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Pipe Sizes